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Bro I’m an experienced gout sufferers who has done a lot of research on this topic.

I’m doubtful you are experiencing Tophi at such early stage because it takes a long time for tophi to form and cause disformity.
It can take 10 years for tophi to form, if gout is untreated. See the link below.

So here are my own tips that have proven effective.

1) Drink a lot of water each day. Minimum 3 liters or 10 cups of water.
Try to avoid fructose or sweetened drinks.
Green tea and coffee is okay but note that coffee is a diuretic and will make you lost water.

2) Avoid organ meats. Liver, intestines. Processed meats like smoked salmon, ham, Luncheon meat are bad!

3) Avoid drinking too much soup that has been boiled using meat (like bak kut teh) or ministrone soup (uses beef stock)

4) This is my best tip. Donate blood regularly.
You are doing a good deed and it helps to maintain your iron levels low, which in turn reduce your occurrence of gout.
As long as you are not on medication, you are allowed to donate.
Our blood is suitable to normal person because their bodies can filter off the excess purine easily.
In fact, may be beneficial because our blood is normally higher in iron.

I eat nuts / drink alcohol and yet can keep gout away because of this. Since regular donation, my gout has disappeared.

Any more questions can ask me.

I have done some research. Tofu is low purine.
Soy milk ok
Looks like tau kwa, tau pok ok

Avoid dried shiitake mushrooms
Avoid seaweed
Avoid dried soya bean

When you google, red meat flags up.
Yesterday for dinner I had Norwegian smoked salmon as starter and chicken as main course.

What about nuts? Are all nuts equally bad? Is it ok to eat a handful of nuts?
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