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i went on last site-recce the day prior to selection

Just to share:

From bridge overlooking the Canal to main entrance of NorthArc is about 2mins walking along the Clementi Ave 6

from main entrance of NorthArc, up overhead bridge and to the bus stop: 2 mins walk

Bus stop has 2 bus, and both take you to Clementi MRT in 2 stops.

Main entrance of NorthArc to Clementi MRT bus stop took me 9mins of walking (excluding waiting time of traffic light). It may seem ok, but honestly it's a pretty long walk and you'll definitely perspire (I did it at 7+pm when there was no sun). Not advisable if you intend to do it everyday

For comparison, the walk from Clementi Peaks (site nearest to the MRT track) took me about 8mins to Clementi MRT
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