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Huber is bak wif an appeal and class action style again. He state in email CellOs office all closed and veri deep in debt. Sad case ah my fellow brethens...
If Jason is to be believed, then the Melb. Office closing down might be a good thing, heaven knows if we arenít making any profit and investor contributions have dried up, then the directors have finally done something right. The lavish offices and the refusal to change the address after the EGM has been a very large burden, financially to continue.
Thatís enough credit to Jason for maybe getting something right. Now letís move on.
His recent letter to shareholders surprised me a little. Attaching a PDF file for the appeal for being found guilty of misconduct does not give any credit to his need for investment into a class action. Donít be fooled an appeal in the Australian courts can take anywhere upto 2 years to be resolved, and knowing how the Australian Lawyers profit from law suits and appeals, I canít see this being resolved anytime too soon. Remember it was I that told you that the recent trial would take at least 2 years. Janifer promised you $100million in the bank by Christmas 2017.
My feeling that any money put into Jasonís hands for a class action will be to support the appeal process first and if anything left over it will not be enough and another round of contributions will be needed.
It would seem that CellOS investors have deep pockets and Lawyers are the only beneficiaries.

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