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Yup just maintain about 500 RMB inside.

Btw take note that many remittance services now can only remit funds to China accounts registered to mainland China IDs. Before last weekend BOC sg can still transfer to China accounts opened with passports. Apparently there was a new regulation in China few days ago. The ones below will not work:

- DBS China remit
- BOC sg RMB pre-settlement account
- Worldremit
- Transferwise
- Worldfirst

Xendpay still works for now.

hmm xendpay looks good, I see there is a creditcard option,

i wonder if do transfer to china account,

any idea how bad is the exchange? how bad is it? any1 tried before can share?

by paying the xfer using credit card using usd, does it is oversea usage and awarded point as oversea spending?

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