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Guys, here's my advice. For those the UML transfer you the money already, call up your bank and ask the bank to transfer back the money to the account owner. After that, make a police report. Tell them everything. For my case, the UML stopped harassing me after they tried calling my office. Its been over a month now. I didnt block their numbers as i want to keep track of their harassment. Never transfer them the money even though its the principle amount that they gave you. Ask the bank to do it. Stop entertaining them and they will get tired eventually.
And if possible, pls tell all your friends about this Web page. Let them know about loan scams brfore someone fall into trouble again and again.

Nobody know this website untill that day happened and will be good if we let them know before they fall in right?

If have time, just read all old post and learn experiences how to solve if you have some problems with loan scams.

Don't panic, we have to stay strong to face them. You can do it.

Take care everybody.
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