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I have 2 numbers to contact. One for watsapp conversation, the other only direct call.

Even if they ask for cancellation fee and provide me with an account, I thinking sending back only amount I receive and prepare myself.

Now thinking of not giving them a single cent more.

Am I doing the right thing? Thursday is the 1st payment.
First and foremost it is important to report to the police.
As you know, they wont provide you their own account. They will use accounts of victims like us to transfer the money. Imagine some poor soul like us receiving the money you transferred? They report to the police and your acct num was reflected. If you dont report, the police might take you as an accomplice.

Even if you want to return them back the money, they will come out with 1001 excuses to extort more money from you. So right now the best option is to stop communicating with them and let the police do their job.
On your part be extra vigillant whenever you're home. See any suspicious person just call the police.
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