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Still contemplating which comes first, police report or approach bank. Luckily I not working today and had a whole day and night to think through.
So I will,
1. Report police
2. Go to bank branch and bring along police report.
3. Inform & explain to my work superiors.
4. Inform & explain all of NOK which I provided their contact.
5. Install Call blocker app on all hp.
6. Inform the UML of step 1-5.
7. Wait for any form of harassment and make further police report.

You guys have provided strength in my dire situation. Wish me luck.
Skip num 6 bro. Dont have to inform the LS of your actions. Just ignore them totally. One of my case, I inform the LS i've made a police report, "the boss" called me up asking for $2k as an apology fee cause I threatened them to report to the police. 😂
Save the drama and move on.
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