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As I read from this page of yours, just do what our bros and sis tell you.
You have been scammed.
Bring your child and family live with your in-laws if you are scared. So far scam cases they dont have people come over to physically harrazs home or work place. No need to block sms/video or look at unknown numbers . Just dont fxxk care them. Be brave. The disturbance will reduce and diminish as time past.

Hi all,

I applied for loan from 2 UML for $5000 initially thinking which one will come back first.

No.1 came back n bank in a $500 to my account only. I total make a payment of $800 to no.1 till date.

No. 2 transfer a $300 to my account which I have no intention of taking and I have requested to cancel the loan. till date I make a payment of $400.

both of them keep asking me pay deferment fees.

My intention now is stop paying them. make a police report and close my bank account.

my main concern is I have a newborn baby. Will they make harressment to my house? the amount I took is not big n I pay more than the amount they borrowed me.

Please advise.
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