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Fear Less
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If it can make you feel better or safe ,
make pol report where you deem fit.
For my case I didnt report. I kena scammed 700 for 450, the fxxker threatened me " want to play hard" I told him my kock is hard enough for yourmother to enjoy. End of comm with just one sentence.
I borrowed from ls and never have this problem.
Please dont borrow anymore. Spend on what you have. Have nothing is more peaceful than the problem you are having.

Any difference making If online police report or go down station?
Anyone have experiences to share?

For those who want to block those calls and using android, can use this app Call Blocker by Vlad Lee. Got a few choices, block private numbers, block numbers not in your contact list or block number not in your whitelist.
The app will reply user busy for you. We fight them with technology too.
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