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Yes i have, that despite me paying off more than what i owed and refused to pay more or open bank acct for them. They want us to fear them. They will harass u with calls msgs videos and some may even get debtors to splash pain or burn ur door. Their aim is for u to be scared so they can collect the money from you. Honestly the police can only catch the ones who does such things to ur hse or open accts for these ah longs. Other than that theres nothing much they can do which is rather surprising as with the advancement of technologies i just think it should ve possible to catch them. They do have workers. Who buys these pre paid sim cards from geyland registered under foreign workers who have left the country. These workers are also the ones who actually deposit or withdraw money from the accts in a daily basis yet we are unavle to catch them. Its probably due to too much of effort and manpower needed. On our part whether u are being harrassaed or still paying loans. Every single bank acct and hp or watsapp numbers just gve to ah long hotline.
Just hope the police can do a bit more. I have reported police since November 2018. Till now, the bank accounts of the loan sharks are still not frozen as they are still asking me to deposit money into the bank account and their numbers are still no locked because they are harassing me using the same number.
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