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Just got the Amoi F9 5.0, this version is supposedly the updated version with bt5.0. decided to buy and try since I'm in China for two weeks.

Sounds wise is average, but must say it's better than expected. Bass is a little muddy, mids are surprisingly good, treble is ok as well.

Disconnected 3 times (right bud) while typing this post. Winter now, jacket lots of static so I'll attribute it to this first.

Charging case is pretty small, one third the size of my palm. Case can charge your phone as well (holds 3500mah).

Overall is an excellent buy. Value ratio to me is through the roof, considering it cost me only RMB 89 (about SGD $18), free shipping since it was shipped to my place in China.

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Now back in SG listen to some songs, I'm liking this pair more now. Listening to Cheerleader, bass is tight enough, not as good as triplefis but obviously for the money you shouldn't expect it to be. In All falls down, when bass gets heavy that's where it becomes a little loose and muddy. But really just a little. Mids are great as per first impressions, trebles can become a little bright. Nothing eq can't correct.

Finally got the right bud to fit my ear properly too, so yeah, money well spent lol.

Got akg headphones in office and triplefis for better sound, this one for commuting.

Not an audiophile, but I can discern quality a bit, and my choice eq is V shaped.

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