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if install a cctv. they still dare to do it?
Unfortunately, yes for some cases. Right now you cannot rely on stories of what others had gone through. You need to take the necessary precautions for your own good. Some big amount until now only harassment through msgs & calls. Some small amount but got runners coming up their house with paints and notes.
Read up past post from other victims for you to understand the bigger picture. What others had gone through before it's not important. It's how you stay mentally and emotionally strong to fight against them that is crucial
It is really hard and stressful I know. All of us here had gone through the harassment stage and many of us survived through it. Many come out stronger and smarter too. 😂

You really gotta stop trying to find the logic of what the LS will do. Anything to do with this scammers, there's no logic to it. They will do things as and when they like. Be brave and strong for your little one ya. I pray that god will give you strength to pull this through and protect you from any harm.
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