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I too agree with makminah. Just make the Police report. I believe if there's are surge of this UML activities, who knows SPF will expedite their investigations.

SPF was quick to assign an I/O to me after I've made the report. Personally this issue has drained the life out of me becoz I'm more worried for my family. Suicidal thoughts does creep in occasionally. If such thoughts is overwhelming, I plan to call SOS for counselling to help me cope.

I do wonder why can't the banks and telcos have a policy combating this problem. Cut-off their money laundering activities by suspending bank account and also suspending phone numbers swiftly in case where UML activities is suspected can severely cripple their modus operandi.

FYI, I have a list of UML advert sms numbers. Suddenly the floodgates opened. Either SPF or somebody can blacklist.Yes, these UML can probably buy 100 sim cards but if everyday get reported and block, can make it difficult for them.

Can you imagine, at this hour I'm still up discussing this. Short of either suicide or becoming a vigilante, I feel kind of useless these past few days.

It may amount to nothing but the threat is real.

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