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WeChat wallet function is a payment tool; e.g., Paynow, Paylah etc in Singapore except that this system is much more advance and widely used in China with Alipay & Wechat wallet.

Before topping up, are your wallet functions still functioning? Have you performed a Card Linked procedure to your Wechat account (实名认证)Some users here were saying they are unable to receive red packets or money transfers.

Remittance at Chinatown is quite easy just need the address/bank account/Chinese ID details etc of the receiver, sender address/NRIC details and finally the purpose of remittance.

Which city are you heading to in China? Almost every city has a road called Beijing Road.....
Exclusive10 plans to visit Guangzhou.

3) if I use rmb, will I be out of place there?
I would advise travellers to China not to fret over cash-less payment. RMB cash is still universally accepted over there and cannot be refused.

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