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Almost every 5RM unit has some issues like corridor unit, no privacy, no proper ventilation (totally blocked and no sunlight at all) for service balacony area..etc ( stack nos : 265, 255, 201,269, 235 & 275)

Close to Refuse chute area, stack nos : 271, 269, 237, 235, 203 &.201

Facing old HDB flat, minor road, and existing ESS / Dustbin Compound : 209 & 207

Very close to major road (Dust, Corbon, high noise pullution) : 221, 219, 271 & 269

Two blocks next to each other (35 meter gap), stack nos : 257, 255, 235 & 237

High Floor Ulu Pandan Canal facing units actually facing Industrial area.

If It is like landed properties or low rise apartments or any other residential properties across the canal then it will be very good.

I did not check and compare 3RM, 4RM and 3 Gen Units so I don't know about those units issues
I went to check Northarc a few times.
The industry area on the other side of canal are mostly logistics companies and offices. When I was on opposite side of canal, it was very quiet.
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