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Yes thanks beanstalk, im heading to GZ. Thanks didn't know abt Beijing Road in every city.

Nv had a my wechat wallet link to anybank. But don't know thru games or taobao or what, inside seem to have a few dollars. Since cash is ok, I think best to stick with cash.
In case any issues cropped up then all gone to waste.

Any hotel recommendation in GZ? Budget < 100 ? First time solo visiting abit nervous and anxious.

I believe 7-11 got sell the alipay topup or smth? always see on anti scam advert. Can I get 1 of those and gift for ppl there. Chinese colleagues there sure v 好客 one, will snatch to treat. Or better to change RMB n join in the snatch ... ? haha

Thks beanie for clarifying. I think I've make up my mind to use cash since cashless so much doubts over it. 比较好安全过对不起 for a recent discussion on hotel choice in Guangzhou. Since you also posted there, look up that thread in its entirety.
I'm not sure if a gift of Ali-pay topup card is a good idea. Never noticed these are for sale at convenience stores.
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