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wah like that how sia? anyway to solve this problem? don't think i can go there create a bank account right, at least need something or what
A few possibilities.
1) You should still be able to use up whatever amount in your WeChat Pay and Alipay balance even if you are hit by the new regulations and can not top up any more.

Take note not all are hit by this new regulation yet.

2) Some 3rd party top up service may still work for WeChat and Alipay

3) Visa/Master Credit /debit cards are accepted in big cities and places with many foreign tourists.

4) BOC or ICBC dual currency card which allow you to get RMB cash in China

5) Nets Flashpay is said to be accepted in some places

6) Cash is still good.

I used both WeChat Pay and cash in my Dec 2018 trip to Fujian. But I used only cash in my Dec 2017 trip to Fujian. In my June 2017 business trip to Shanghai I used combinations of company credit card (hotel) and cash and actually not too bad to use cash even though I can see most of people do not use cash to pay street vendors.
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