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I do not think the MSc AF is much useful if you have a finance background(curriculum is closely similar to CFA). The MSc QF is relatively better (source: had an offer for QF but I didn't go for it)

are you currently in any of the fields that you mentioned? if you already in PE/AM, I would think it's better for you to gain experience and connections first, then using that to get into a good Masters in Finance/MBA program (top 10/20) for upwards career progression. However, if you aren't in the fields, the chances of you getting into those fields with the MSc from SMU is pretty slim, albeit higher than without one. You might get internships in the fields, but are you ready to start from scratch? Linkedin is a good source of information, you can reach out to alumni of the programs for their views.

PS: If you did well in your undergraduate and cost is not an issue, do look at overseas programmes.
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