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Good advice, but what about a recent graduate (2017- 2018 batch) looking to break into this field with a non-finance undergraduate degree?

Would a masters in finance help break into say entry level banking?

I have a business degree from one of the local unis, but not in the finance stream, ended graduating in the marketing stream.

Internships experience: Managed to find only 1 related internship in equity research in prop firm, but no conversion.

6 mth + into current 1st job: some random admin job that is not even related to my degree. But I managed to farm up the school fees needed.
Was unemployed for 6~months as I tried to applied for entry level finance job, also can't get in.

Currently looking at NUS Msc Finance though, cause no need gmat, total cost about 45k (exclude gst).

Any seniors can share if the masters can be used to rebrand myself?
Late 20s liao, still haven't get my life sorted out
Not trying to be funny here, but a MFIN/MBA from the ivies will definitely guarantee (almost) you a job in the finance industry lol. Other than that (including oxbridge), it's basically a leap of faith.

If you can give up your current job, I would say the "best" way for you to enter is to get into a program and get an internship. Basically, intern and do the masters concurrently. If you are interested in asset/wealth management, NTU has an interesting program for that (you get to go NYU and Imperial for a term I think)

If you want a more quantitative role, NTU's MFE (get to go to Carneige Mellon for a term) is good but much tougher to get in than SMU's MQF.

As for IB/PE, I honestly don't think any of MFIN in the locals will land you an internship (my own view) because you are basically competing with undergraduates with more than 1 relevant internship under their belt. Why would the firm hire you instead of them?

PS: I'm also in my late twenties. I hit the pause button six months ago and took a huggggge leap (from singapore all the wayyyyy to London) of faith to do my masters. (I already had a job in the industry and I didn't mind doing that role. So, it's definitely OK to not be sorted out even at late twenties (: )
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