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Thanks ... managed to fix with another low level format tool
Have a visit to here :

Maybe this could help
Sandisk ultra 32gb. It's just bootable windows 10 installation media with some tools
Yes i could read & copy the content just couldn't write. All i remember was after creating the install media, i just add folder & copy over some useful utilities successfully.

few days later i decided to copy more files only to find it write protected
I have a few sandisk as well & this is the first time i have this issue

Just curious..

What sort model is the sandisk usb drive and the content inside.

Also can you read or use the content inside this sandisk usb drive or not.

i have so many sandisk usb drives and others but so far do not encountered such issue of yours.
While some others are unable to read and considered spoilt or damaged.
I used Mediacreation tool from microsoft to create bootable installation media. I read a few cases that this tool caused usb to be write protected

Tried Apacer USB 3.0 repair tool, works for me ...
What software did you use to create this?
I've had this happen twice. Used Rufus to create the installation media. After this the drive was write protected.

I managed to recover the sandisk using methods already posted in the thread but my Lexar Jumpdrive couldn't be unlocked. Wasted.
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