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if i use wechat in sg, got charge a not? friend own me alot rmb
What do you mean by charge here? Your friend is in China? How much is a lot of RMB? A lot means 100k or 200k or more?

Do you have a proper mainland China bank card? If yes just ask your friend to transfer the money to your account through bank transfer. There is a limit to transfer money through wechat and there is a fee to transfer money out of wechat 微信零钱 to the linked back account so wechat may not be a good choice if a lot of money is involved.

Wechat payment limit for various mainland China bank card look linked to wechat

Wechat balance transfer to bank fee 微信零钱提现费用

If you do not have a mainland China bank card, then no point talk about wechat already. Just ask your friend to send money to you in cash if he is here in Singapore or through banks if he is in China. He needs to have good reasons convincing the bank it is for legitimate reasons because of the measures in place to control the exit of fund (资金外流). There are fees involved as well.

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