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Don't need. I'm on Hotlink, using iPhone. Have internet connection can already since it's on the app.

Here's what I do:
At home, with my M1 SIM card in my phone, using house wifi (M1 4G also can), I use the app to top up RM10 using my SG credit card. This is the part I need my M1 SIM card because of the OTP. Then I press my data bundle on the app.
Once the transaction is done, my Hotlink card is active and have more credits.
After this then change SIM card. I normally change when I'm nearing JB.

The important thing is the SMS OTP if you're using SG credit card which prevents me from changing SIM cards too early.
Can I check with you the minimum top up for Hotlink is RM10? Valid for 10 days?
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