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Need help from someone to advise whether Singtel CAST works on MiBox.

I’m a fully iPhone household, zero Android devices.
Considering MiBoxS because it is cheap. I will use it primarily to run Singtel CAST so that my kids can watch their live channel Nick JR which is only $5 per mth with CAST and we won’t have Netflix. My issue is that I’m aware that TVB and Starhub Go do not work on MiBox. Anyone can share whether Singtel CAST works on MiBox?

Singtel CAST works on my mum’s Sony Android TV. I got a 70 inch dumb TV at home which we won’t be changing soon. Cancelling SH cable liao, since June no more cable. The 70 inch TV runs our documentaries from cable beautifully but if u got 3 kids and only one TV at home, guess what the TV ends up for? Warning to all TV buyers here.

Please don’t tell me I can run Singtel CAST on an iPhone and cast onto TV, because that’s not my aim. If it don’t work on Mibox, I will have no choice get Apple TV to run Singtel CAST. I’ve only read in HWZ threads that Nvidia Shield can run Singtel CAST but that defeats the purpose because the shield is more expensive than Apple TV. Suggestions for any other Android Box other than MiBox works too. My single app required is Singtel CAST. Thanks in advance guys.

Edit to add: Singtel TV GO and Singtel CAST are different apps. I need Singtel CAST to work for me.
If it works under NVidia Shield TV and your Sony Android TV, then it should work on Mi Box S.

Still it is better to confirm with Mi Box S users here. Take note that Nvidia Shield TV and Mi Box S are not listed in Singtel Cast’s compatible devices list whereas Sony / Sharp Android TVs are listed.

On the other hand, since your household is a pure iPhone family, I tend to think Apple TV 4K is a better choice.

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