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BTW, there is nothing wrong with a dumb TV especially you seem to have a good one. Coupled with an Android TV box or an Apple TV, it is actually smarter than most Smart TV.

I believe SingTel Cast should work with Mi Box S even though it is not in that list, for example, latest iPhones are not in the list either. Still it is better to confirm with Mi Box S owners here.

I do know SingTel Cast is not compatible with rooted Android TV boxes like my 4 generic boxes.

Why I say Apple TV is a better choice is because of better integration with Apple Eco System and potential better AV experiences. For example it supports Dolby Atmos under Netflix whereas Netflix under Nvidia Shield TV does not support Dolby Atmos. Take note Nvidia Shield TV is capable of Dolby Atmos but Netflix does not support the feature. So you can say for the same app you may often have better experiences on Apple eco system than on Android.

Ref: Apple TV 4k support 4K HDR, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

BTW, Mi Box S does 4K HDR, Dolby Audio and DTS.
Thanks for the advice! Now wait for Mibox user to advise. Mibox is easily more than $100 cheaper than Apple TV. And...we really foresee the kids using most of it. IT show I will check online prices see what discounts will run on Lazada/Qoo10/Shopee and will get device this week.
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