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I have not got my second set-top box for my new Sony Android TV (as 2nd TV) yet, but I have been playing with the Chromecast (or aka Google cast) on the TV for the last one week and would like to share the following observations.

I would cast it from my Starhub Go app while watching mainly the SH sports channel.

The problem of the cast screen appearing as a small window on TV is still there but I am able to get around the problem by allowing the Apps to play that channel for a while (say about a minute) before I cast it to the TV.

Fast moving ball (e.g. Tennis ball) appears as a slightly fuzzy ghosting image on the screen. When watching that same channel on my other 9 year old dumb TV of the same size via a SH set-top, there is no ghosting effect. It cannot be due to the new Sony TV as it has a decent screen refresh rate hence I attribute it to the Chromecast instead. No issue when watching non sports channels using Chromecast. In fact I could even cast 4K content to my TV without issue so long it does not have fast moving images.
Just an update to all Starhub TV subscribers who are in the same situation as me, i.e. setting up a second TV in the house to view SH channels. I was instructed by SH to go visit the SH shop at Vivo, upon getting there I was told they do not issue Fibre TV set top boxes from the shops . I need to call them to arrange to have one installed. It will cost $50 for transportation, installation only during a weekday and I also need to buy a DLink ethernet switch from SH at $37.

The total damage is $87 and having to consume my annual leave.

I will need to re-think this option.

My other options are streaming to handphone then google casting to TV (doing this now) or to get a low cost Generic Android TV box that can run the SH TV Go app.

(Side note: I tried installing the SH TV go APK again last night on my Sony Android TV but this time using the newer version use. It still refused to run from the TV)

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