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MBA is a general degree so the accounting/finance modules will not be too tough (unless you are in those specialist MBAs that focus on finance). Accounting is not really about maths but how to organise data in some regulated ways... Finance might be a bit more tricky as it does involve some mathematics but unless you are in a master of finance, I do not think you need any high level mathematics. Concepts will be important...

If you are worried about your maths/acc/finance, I would suggest go and enrol into some relevant MOOCs to prepare yourself for the math/finance components... try e.g. Coursera... or get some books from lib

Alternatively, you can find some some adult learning short courses from local poly or unis... SMU Academy do offer a whole range of short courses, usually 1 to 3 days but they are not cheap... Polytechnics may have SkillsFuture funded short courses.... good luck!
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