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Yes. AV2 compliant I think. Used Sineoji then TPLink homeplugs.

I am really new here although had been following for some time trying to find solutions to my problem.

OK. My ONT is on the ground floor and I used homeplugs and placed my wireless router on 2nd floor which more or less cover the whole house. Desktop is cable connected to this router in the same room. STB was on 3rd floor and I was still using cable tv.

Homeplugs gave up twice and now wireless router is directly connected to ONT on ground floor and wifi extenders used on 2nd and 3rd floor. Lost a lot of speed as result but at least can use on each floor.

Now had to switch to fibre tv so ONT with wireless router still on ground floor and with EOC, fibre tv STB is on 3rd floor.

My wish is to move wireless router back to 2nd floor again, if possible, until I realized fibre broadband and tv signals cannot be carried on same EOC to 2nd and 3rd floor respectively.

Maybe network mesh will give me better speeds than current wifi extenders but I was hoping to use existing coaxial network throughout the house in each room. So is there some kind of switch that will allow me to transfer broadband and tv signals from ONT to 2nd and 3rd floor respectively ?
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