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Same here. To be used for daily activities including jogging. Hopefully not some China OEM product like some of their low end bt speakers
sagu has just received the pre-ordered set and now need to charge up battery as recommended before testing

sagu sic first quick impressions :

- carrying case and earbuds look pleasant
- difficult to remove earbuds out of carrying case
- decent sound quality: strong bass, mid and treble muffled
- no disconnection or lag between left and right earbuds
- blue rings around earbuds blinks when earbuds are not connected or not playing audio
- when playing audio, the blue rings around the earbuds are not lit up
- good ear fit which do not drop out and it’s lightweight earbuds makes wear comfort acceptable
- earbud controls buggy and need to get used to its uncomfortable pressing against the ears

sagu reminds potential users that this Creative Outlier Air is targeted for Sports users which explain why its sound quality leans towards the bassy frequencies and users should not be looking for audiophile sound quality with this true wireless earbuds for $119.00.

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