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My bosses or my head of BU.. The last two jobs told me to take it. They say beneficial for my next move. I am made known as their successor.

Since you are make known as their successor, then is there still a needs for a MBA?

Recently, I went to another job interview, the would be boss encourage me to upgrade. I found out that this new coy are able to sponsor the MBA.

I am looking at SMU?

SMU is good at marketing themselves. But it will be good if you do some research what kind of possible network can you get. Some local university seem to take in fresh graduate too which does not contribute much to your network.

But my foundation as i posted is i think weak. I am trying to equip myself before taking it within the next 2 yrs.

Like I say, can consider CAT/ACCA (Not whole course)/LCCI/PEI Private Diploma in F&A to build out your foundation first.

Best if you can find SMU MBA student/graduate to get notes, past year exam and training materials from them to prepare yourself such as finding a short course more relevant or find a tutor to custom train you.
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