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Atrix Dynamics Pte Ltd --> Incompetent company with staff that do not deliver what they promise. Here's my experience with Atrix...

I bought a refurbished Macbook from Atrix in Sept 2017 during the IT fair. Just after they collected my payment...they say sorry we don't have stock! Collect from our shop after 3 days, they say.

I requested them to deliver to my place since it was their fault...and they did so after 3 weeks !!! after me giving them many reminders.

Even when the guy came to deliver he did not bring all the items. And promptly put the redeemed stamp on the invoice saying the remaining items he'll bring in a few days. Its coming close to 3 months, am still waiting for the promised free items.

Now, the staff does not even respond to my much for customer service. Another one of the Sim Lim Sq company with rude staff and NO business ethics.
- this is sad leh. collected $$ and then say dont have stock.
- if the seller says he can deliver within a few days, the delivery should not take 3 weeks or 3 months.
- the thing about sim lim square is that u can only buy computer parts, other things all cannot buy. last time i went there to buy something, the shop tell me dont have stock and ask me to buy other brands instead. so now i seldom buy things from there anymore.
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