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anyone notice Dead or Alive 6 theres a ‘US version’?
when u go into the details, it mentioned this content is available only for US version.

i have seen english versions but first time see one labeled as ‘US version’ in our sg psn store.
not sure is it related to the recent switch of service?

- there is no difference in content among all platforms. Any rumors about censorship for Sony’s [platform] are not true.

- That said, Shimbori explained that the adjustments made to the characters’ costumes were necessary to sell the game in Europe and North America.
“Some stores will actually refuse to sell the game, and this is really a big issue sales-wise,” he added while referencing Dead or Alive: Xtreme 3.

So, no censorship across platforms, but censorship across regions (ie. US versions, regardless PS4/XB1/PC, are all censored)?
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