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Ive been reading this thread from page 1.
Same thing for me. Unwillingly became a debtor. Enquired for a pay day loan to pay my school fees end up i gotten a weekly loan instead from a few as i enquired all at the same day.

Couldnt approach the bank as i still have outstanding loan which im still paying off.

I just lost my job, my gf. My family gave up on me. My house got splashed just 2 hours ago. Second incident.

My house is empty as my family dont stay there, all of us are staying with my eldest sibling. I just got thrown out of the house two days ago. So im the only staying at my billing address that the ahlong have.

I tried clearing the loan end up paid more than the amount they transferred. Managed to clear off 3 of them good thing is they didnt disturb me after that.

Total i have 17 from different guys. Im not ashame to say it. Just dont want anyone to be like me.

Ranging from 300-2k. I paid them deferment on a daily basis till i have to walk to my office as i dont have money for work or makan.

So far my bank account been frozen due to the deferment payments as spf suspected i was one of the runners. Waiting for it to be unfrozen which the io says will take one month. Advised not to take up jobs or payment for ahlong.

Ive been cleared of the charges as ive provided details of every transaction made to them. So ive been instructed to stop paying and ignore them.

Imagine paying 1k plus everyday for deferment fees. I did up an excel file listing down the names and amount to clear.

Managed to close off some of them which mentioned that they are looking for long term business. So far the only one that splashed paint was the one i need to repay 2k. The rest just vulgarities and voice notes. Some offered me a job which i declined.

Every day i sit outside my house just in case these ppl come to harass. Now im cleaning the fresh paint on the floor and door and gate at this hour.

For those experiencing the same, be strong. This is just a phase. It will pass. I dont have access to my funds or last salary due to the account frozen.

I havent eaten a proper meal in 3days. Been surviving on water.
Hey bro,msg me. Which school are u at? Maybe i could buy u a meal or two. Been in ur shoe before
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