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Hi. Thank you for replying to me. I want to pm you but i am unable to do so. Already told my boss that day but still so scared that they might splash paint ot lock the gates. They force trabsfer 600 and i paid 800 wht they asked but they still called my office but never called my phone.. whc im puzzled.
Can you ignore their calls at office? They are using this tactic as communication because they can get you in office.

Install CCTV at home. Call 999 everytime a suspicious person loiter at your flat. That is your only defence. Police will arrive within minutes and catch suspect if possible.

Report ALL threats to I/O. Screenshots of whatsapp, sms. Report phone numbers of the harassment. They need as much evidence to build a case. this includes accounts you transfer money to.

If they splash paint or lock gate. Call 999 and let SPF handle.

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