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What action will the police take? Iíve already filed a online police report as well as went down to the station about a week ago. However, still getting harassed or going down to my unit.
Keep providing info to SPF. Email your I/O a detailed info eg CCTV footage, phone numbers and screenshot of WhatsApp messages.

Everytime they send runners, call 999. This, IMHO, is effective as it could lead to the arrest of runners and deprieve these UML of manpower.Realistically how many runners you think they can recruit if always these runners get arrested. How many bank account they can open fast enough if we report faster.

You could post the image and caning clip to them posted by delceer if you still get contact by them but best is lose all contacts with them.

Anyway we shouldn't discuss what SPF will do next as it removes the element of surprise.

Trust our SPF.

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