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I think family and friends support are important. It’s good that you have understanding colleagues. Sometimes people feared that they will be scolded for what they did. But they will come realise that telling the truth beats living in the dark. More people would offer help and advices.

It's a Police case. Investigation is on going and no way I can or will return the money. To pay to the UML means I'm an accomplice. The situation now is not to communicate or transfer money. If they come and harass just call 999 and hope get caught by Police.

Communication-wise, already did what is necessary. Mine,NOK and Company have block and will continue to block any form of communications.

Without fear of feeling ashamed, my neighbors has been alerted too.

The money, I never touch and bank is escalating to return of the money or do something, I don't know.

Personally, I'm touch by family, friends and my company who have been very understanding.
My Co even offered counselling for the trauma I'm suffering. My friends offering to whack these UMLs if they ever catch. Family offer to stay at their place. So touched.

Anyway must not be scared of them. They feed on fear, that's what I learnt so far.

This is Singapore....
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