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Yes. What I'm looking at is a prepaid card. Like for Singtel, my mummy's prepaid card account is valid for 6 months. 1 GB data is $10 monthly. Does Digi have something like this?

The last time i went to KSL's Digi, the lady explained to me until my head spinning. Seems like they have alot more selection. Usually i go staycation, is pay I think RM30+ but that one 1 month later no more liao so every time i head in again, have to buy again.
There's basically only 1 type of Digi Prepaid SIM pack in the shops now, and that's Digi Prepaid Live.

From the link, you can see (I just copy-paste):

Digi Prepaid LiVE
RM8.00 comes with:
Preloaded RM5
300MB (7 days)
Pack validity: 5 days

and other information. Click on the Notes and FAQ links at the end of that page, to get more details.

Unless you make an effort to head for the main Digi Stores (not Digi Store Express or any others), or the likes of myNews, or check supermarkets like Tesco and Giant, the 2 rest stops in Yong Peng, where they normally sell at RRP, most other dealers tend to have extra requirements like having to top up another RM30 thereabouts for additional data that will last 1 month and it also extends the validity of the card by that 1 month.

At present, with the Digi Live card, you can choose to change it to either of 2 other plans which are Digi Monthly Plan 28 and Digi Prepaid Best 2017 P2P. (Info on these have been shared here by fellow members over the last few pages, otherwise check Digi website or Digi Community.)

At a dealer in a mall, a Digi Live pack costs RM40 and come with biGBonus 30 (5GB) which is basically RM8 RPP + the biGBonus 30. (Read the FAQ from the link given, to understand what biGBonus is about.) biGBonus 30 also comes with 1 month's card validity. (Please note that biGBonus is auto-renewable, so do remember to cancel that if you don't need it, before the 1 month is up.)

I'd personally recommend reading up the information on the Digi website. Other sources of information would be the Digi Community forum where their staff are there to respond, or over here though info only from fellow users.
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