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I think some buyers prefer open layout, partitions to separate living spaces need not necessarily be walls
"Study" is just a label, there can be many possible uses for the "study" space.. can be home office, extra storage space etc
Some agent trying to smoke buyers.....

Hence market it as studios instead of one bedder. Thereís a different between studio unit and One bedroom condo.
U should look at the 1+Study space. Canít do anything at all.. just paying a potrude out window space and smaller AC ledge thatís all.

Not much diff from their ď1bedderĒ unit. Basically both are studio unit. All the best to developer. As a group of bachelors, many of us still prefer a wall as a partition between bedroom & living room. Canít imagine myself having guest over, sleeping openly together! Eeeyerrrr. Hence walls are important even for us bachelors.

Iíve yet to find someone that love open concept studio style living. To each its own I Guess.
but sane head buyer prevails.
Just prepare another $10
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