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My recent post on location of dealers in and around JB Sentral, for those walking from CIQ...

Quite a few in and around, but I think the one that sells at RRP in that area is myNews in Komtar JBCC that's just across the road via the link bridge. It's on the ground floor in the mall.

Edit: There's a Digi dealer up in the immigration hall, somewhere on the left after the customs clearance area.

JB Sentral:
- There's a booth down the escalators just before you walk into JB Sentral. They sell all sorts of reload vouchers, but not sure if they've SIM packs for sale too.
- In JB Sentral, turn left right after you step in, there are 1 or 2 dealers down that row.
- The 7-Eleven there, I think have U Mobile SIM packs.
- On the other side along the row in front of KFC, there's a dealer that sells the likes of Hotlink, Celcom Prepaid, and I think also U Mobile.
- Out the building and after you've gone down the 1st escalator, you'll notice another escalator on the left going down to the street level. There's a Hotlink dealer (cart) there.

Komtar JBCC:
- myNews (next to the entrance facing City Square) is known to sell at RRP, so stocks of more popular cards run out pretty quickly. They normally have Tune Talk, Digi, U Mobile(?)...
- Upstairs, there's a Hotlink dealer shop.

City Square:
- You can find dealer shops for Hotlink, Celcom, Digi, U Mobile.

Outside City Square in the shophouses, there should be some dealers too...
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