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Current MO for Ventus Northstar stands at 8 or 9 pieces. Borrow this space to keep track:

1) cyrenic (1 pc)
2) reikizi (2 pc)
3) 3x***** (1 pc, PMed)
4) Zi*** (1 pc, N-4, PMed)
5) DO****** (1 or 2 pc, PMed)
6) wi******** (1 pc, N-4, PMed)
7) noobie (1 pc, mobile)

How it will work:
a) I will compile order first, then check with Elshan for pricing based on size of order
b) I will have to make payment to Elshan directly, outside of Kickstarter naturally - will collect full payment from you guys then - at this point, I'll also check for your phone numbers and probably set up a Whatsapp group for ease of updates.
c) Wait till Sep (or whenever the watches are ready)
d) I'll collect from Elshan then, and arrange for collection - will adopt GX's former model, i.e. set a mass collection date at central location, and settle those that can't make it individually.

Note: I don't gain anything from this, beyond the savings that I will get for my piece.
Cheers to you. Thanks for setting this up
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