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Hello all. I have an older Seamaster Chronograph, 2599.80. It was last serviced 6 years ago, through CW I think.

Movement is out of COSC spec, running +6/7 s/d. Chrono hands still is exact at 12 so no issues there. But the last service was just a mechanical service. Right now the blue bezel a few scratches and faded, plus lume isn't too good. The bracelet too has a few scuffs but nothing too deep. The seconds hands in red is now like a faded red, like the red on an old Singapore flag lol.

Is sending it in to omega worth the service? I see the omega service site the price for Chrono service is $9xx. Does the price include any change of parts etc, such as bezel and hands change? I know they do a full service and the watch will almost looks very new, and comes with 2 years warranty.

Are there independant watch repair places that can offer similar service and warranty at a cheaper price?
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