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Anyone knows the process of prepaid number porting in malaysia and timeline?
Thinking of extending my XOX line, short of paying rm25/yr
Check that your particulars used to register the original line is accurate, as it's to match whatever they enter in the MNP request form.
Then visit the new (port-in) telco center to do the request. They'll give you a new SIM card which you're supposed to put into your device when the old line is terminated.
Wait for the port-out confirmation SMS from the original telco, then reply YES.
Wait for the original line to be terminated, before inserting the new SIM card.

Prepaid number porting (or Mobile Number Porting), I was told about 24 hours, though might just take a few hours if there's no error like personal particulars not matching (what you've used to register the original line, and the ones you fill up in the MNP form with.)

Not quite sure what you mean with your OneXOX card, but if you're thinking of porting out then port back in to get the 28-month validity, I understand that if that really happens, it's only because there's a bug in their system...
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