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So yesterday i went to check out Digi store, the person tell me the only way to maintain this Digi Live card is to top up monthly otherwise it would expire after 1 month.

So basically RM30 monthly to maintain this card. Am i correct?

Because in SG for Singtel's prepaid, top up 1 time can extend the card's expiry date for 6 months. Seems like Digi don't have that service. Must top up monthly RM30 to extend 1 month.
The question here is will you use the line for the whole month?

For me I will only top up when heading north; FYI, every RM1 will give you 1 day validity, RM5 will give you 5 days and etc; top up according to the number of days that you are going to stay there.

Once the line change from ACTIVE to PASSIVE status, you will have 90 days to reactive it by top up your line; please refer to the following for better understanding.

SIM Card Lifecycle

An ‘Active’ status means that the Subscriber is allowed to make outgoing and incoming calls or SMS or any type of services including Internet access.

If there is no ‘reload’ activity performed after the ‘Active’ state, notwithstanding any available credit balances still available in the SIM card, then a Subscriber will not be able to use or take advantage of any other available Digi services available for its prepaid Subscribers, but will only be able to receive incoming calls and SMS only.

If during the Active state but before the end of the Active state validity period, the Subscriber has utilised all the available credit balance, then the Subscriber will not be able to use any further Digi services, but should still be able to receive incoming calls and SMS as similarly stated above.

The number of days given to the Subscriber to receive incoming calls and SMS is 90 (ninety) days upon expiry of Active state validity period, but no outgoing transactions are allowed unless a 'reload' is performed.

Upon reaching 90 (ninety) days validity period, if there is still no reload activities performed, the status of SIM card will be changed to 'Suspended (R2)' whereby a Subscriber will not be allowed to receive incoming or outgoing calls or SMS except for automated SMS from Digi.

Upon the following day of the ‘Suspended’ stage, the status of the SIM card will be changed thereafter to a 'Terminated' state and the Subscriber will not be able to obtain the same mobile number (MSISDN) or any remaining credit balance or any applicable freebies remaining in the SIM card.
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