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So yesterday i went to check out Digi store, the person tell me the only way to maintain this Digi Live card is to top up monthly otherwise it would expire after 1 month.

So basically RM30 monthly to maintain this card. Am i correct?

Because in SG for Singtel's prepaid, top up 1 time can extend the card's expiry date for 6 months. Seems like Digi don't have that service. Must top up monthly RM30 to extend 1 month.
For Digi (and most of other MY prepaid cards), RM1 reload gives you 1 day's validity, RM5 gives 5 days, RM30 gives 30 days, etc. But Digi has the (payable) validity extension option known as Super Long Life (SLL), which unfortunately, there's only the RM1 1-day SLL option for Digi Live. For a user who mostly go over for day-trips, can use this SLL option to reactivate the line just for 1 day, then it'll go back to its 90-day grace/inactive period.

I mentioned about the (presently) available option for Digi Live users to change to 2 other plans ourselves. One of the plans is Digi Best, which also supports the other 2 SLL which are 30-day and 365-day. But, the 365-day option for the last couple of years' versions (2016/2017) costs RM108. You can choose to learn the method shared here before, if you want to maintain the card on a long term basis without having to pay RM108, or just pay and forget it.
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