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Carpk only 1 storey high. Not a big issue.

3rm flats are not popular anymore. Massive supply in resale market, and not ideal for growing families.

I believe the orientation is the issue. Facing the inward side of a L shaped block.. not much of a view. Maybe not much sun too.
Yes i believe orientation too. On the left there are currently existing two blocks of hdb and that they face other blocks and the block opposite are pretty high floors

I believe this is for the clementi northarc project. I have a suggestion to TS to go and check out the site, they are currently building and had about 10 floors done on certain blocks. Go to the existing hdbs to get a bird eye view and have a real feel of the distances btw blocks. It is very misleading from site plan as it is a scale drawing and that the distances are much nearer than u imgaine
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