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I normally travel via 2nd Link these days, drop by Gelang Patah for a meal before GrabCar to wherever else. Spend a little more $ but at least I don't have to spend hours in the immigration halls.

Anyway, for a dealer in that area, I don't think it's RRP. Chances are too good to earn extras from the crowd there to help with rental cost.

Yup, you're so right - off the voicemail at the earliest opportunity!
I prefer to deal with the actual telco shop at the shopping centres. Same as in SG, I tend to avoid authorised dealers whenever possible.

At the actual telco shop, I know the price will be the same as what I see online and there's no 'Singaporean premium surcharge'. I also don't feel comfortable giving my passport to register the prepaid card at these Ah Beng shops, even in SG.

Everyone has their own theories and preferences.
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