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Hi fellow Clementi 3 roomer! I believe you are in the midst of selecting units between 210B and 211A.

Below are my humble personal take after visiting the site several times last month.

Blk 210B:
+ The carpark below is one storey, with a garden landscape roof deck, exercise facilities and playground. The view below the unit should be a pleasant one with greenery.
- The direct opposite blk 210A is almost 100m away. 210A have up to level 33. Diagonally, neighbouring blks 209A and 209B have up to level 40. On the other diagonal side, neighbouring Clementi Gateway blks 208B and 208A have levels up 30+. No matter how high the units chosen for stack 245 / 247, no unit will have unblocked views that stretches beyond these towering blocks.
+ Blk 210B is near to the upcoming supermarket and shophouses at blk 209A. This is convenient for marketing and food.

- The nearby Clementi Ave 6 is a heavily used road. Although stacks 245 / 247 are located inside, expect to still hear some traffic noise as it can travel inwards (between the space of 209A and 209B), and upwards (with noise echoing amongst blks 208A, 208B, 210B, 209A, 209B.
- 210B is the most populated block in Northarc with 280 units, with levels stretching up to level 33 for other 4 and 5 rm stack (235 - 243).

Blk 211A:
- Some stacks at 211A are facing the 'temple' (287,285,283, 281). The chinese 'temple' is about 5 storeys high, is actually a buddhist youth mission, which doesn't burn incense paper. Expect it to have activities during special occassions e.g. Vesak Day. The youth mission closes at 10pm daily. On most days, it is peaceful and quiet.
+ At higher levels (more than level 15), stacks 281,283,285,287 will enjoy unblocked views that stretch beyond the temple and fire station
- Some stacks at 211A (287 and 285) are almost 100m away from the MRT line, units may experience noises from the trains.
+ High levels at stacks facing the canal (295,297) have unblocked views and less noise. The ‘industry estates’ are light logistics companies e.g. Toll, a further down; a MRT train depot. These stacks are very popular, as I am writing this, they are almost taken up.
+ Compared to 210B, 211A has 187 units, and is not as populated.

Besides these broad factors, I have other considerations that led me to select blk 211A. Hope this helps! Wishing you the best of luck in your selection!
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