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Oh thanks so much! This is rather useful to me and you can relate to what I need!

No problem, youíre welcome! Above are just my humble opinion, others may offer an alternative assessment.

All of us have different preferences (and tolerance); it is important to think about how the various stacks can meet these preferences. Some common consideration include privacy, west sun, convenience, high floor, unblocked view, noise etc. The layout plans are useful starting guide. To get a better sense, I would highly recommend going down to have on-site to view the blocks. When I visited last mth, construction was going well Ė blk 211A had built up to level 8, blk 210B had built up to level 7. I also took the lift up the nearby blk 208B and 208A to get a good perspective. Thatís how I assess the unblocked views and noise levels. You could also visualize better when you see for yourself the surrounding facilities e.g. canal, temple and roads (Clementi Ave 6 and Commonwealth Ave West) etc

We prioritize on whatís more important for me and my partner. Itís hard to get a superbly excellent unit, so give and take, win some lose some. Good luck!
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