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with so many passengers, you are stuffed which ever way you look at it. The easiest way is to hire a van. If each person carries a 25kg luggage, and you split them into 2 vans, each van will be carrying at least (6 X 25kg) + 6 X 60kg weight = 510kg weight for the passengers and luggages.

The van is the best option because you can chuck the luggage behind. There are pros and cons about driving a van.

a. you cannot speed so, you will drive carefully
b. you can chuck your luggage behind.

a. you cannot speed because of the heavy load, so have to keep left all the time
b. climb uphill will be a chore as the van is so heavy.

My advice
a. do not hire a Toyota passenger van. Lousy van for long distance.
b. spend some money on a comfortable and more poweful van.

here are two links
Thanks very much for the recommendation. For the 17-seater that you recommended, do you think it can fit my entire tour group (16 pax). Or we should be getting two if this? Website seems to indicate it can take 17pax plus 17 large suitcases
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