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Thanks very much for the recommendation. For the 17-seater that you recommended, do you think it can fit my entire tour group (16 pax). Or we should be getting two if this? Website seems to indicate it can take 17pax plus 17 large suitcases
You have a luggage problem more than a passenger problem That 17 seater will not be able to take 17 luggages. Can you imagine you restrict everyone to 25kg? That van is only a 3L van only. A Toyota camry is 2.4L and only carry 4 passengers and not even 4 luggages. If you put 17 people and 17 luggages in a van, the van is going to crawl. My advice, the get either a SUV or another 8 seater. Below is an example of a 8 seater or a SUV.
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