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Hi guys happy new year in advance!

I've multiple sineoji cams installed in my house and it's working very well all thanks to Awesome Dean! Sineoji cams are really very responsive and good quality! Dean is also very helpful when comes to technical support and he will advice people patiently

The cams actually helped and saved my dad's life twice recently as my dad is a stroke survivor who had two seizures in the middle of the night, the clear night vision infrared, capable of zoom in and good speaker/mic features allowed me to alert my helpers and saved my dad twice. The 1080p cams are really very clear and nicely made. I strongly recommend sineoji cams to anyone who wanna setup ip cam at home for monitor kids, elderly, helpers and security purposes.

Alex, hope everything is ok.

I have the same view as you do, especially the support by Dean is really top notch. Same here, I have a few sineoji cameras and it serve me well since the day I bought it especially the real-time viewing is my priority.
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